Graphite for Fuel Cell Plates

Graphite plates are used in the manufacture of PEM (Proton exchange membrane) fuel cells. These fuel cells are being developed for transport applications as well as for stationary and portable fuel cell applications.


Graphite serves a double purpose within the fuel cell stack as a great material for bipolar plates. One purpose of the graphite plate is to act as a conductor by receiving the energy from the electrodes. The other purpose is as a bipolar plate to guide the flow of the hydrogen and oxygen through their respective ends of the stack, making sure that the maximum amount of the gasses and moisture comes in contact with the membrane. A high density material Isomolded graphite GM-10 is used in these applications, as well as a resin impregnated version, FC-GR347B.With resin impregnation the porosity value of the graphite material is brought to 0%, creating impervious material for optimal performance.


Flow channels are machined or molded into the graphite cathode and anode in these fuel cells to provide a path for the gaseous fuel and oxidizer, usually hydrogen and air. can machine Isomolded and resin-impregnated graphite material to print based on your flow channel design. We can assist in discussing material options and performance for your plates. Contact our tech team with any questions or for a custom quote.