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Grade: H76
Carbon Brush 0.25" x 0.25" x 0.5"

Application: Tool Brush
Tool Manufacturer: Rockwell - Porter Cable, Thor Electric Tools
Tool: Cultivator, Drill, Hedge Trimmer, Routo-Jig, Sander, Saw, Screw Driver

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Rockwell - Porter CableCultivator4"No. 144 
Rockwell - Porter CableCultivator6"No. 143 
Rockwell - Porter CableDrill1/4"  
Rockwell - Porter CableHedge Trimmer5"Edger (Early Model) 
Rockwell - Porter CableHedge Trimmer7"  
Rockwell - Porter CableHedge TrimmerNo. 103, 103R, 131  
Rockwell - Porter CableRouto-JigNo. 140  
Rockwell - Porter CableSanderNo. 106, 106A  
Rockwell - Porter CableSanderNo. 106BFinishing 
Rockwell - Porter CableSanderNo. 127  
Rockwell - Porter CableSanderNo. 145  
Rockwell - Porter CableSawNo. 531Multi 
Rockwell - Porter CableSawNo. 148Bayonet Saw 
Rockwell - Porter CableSawNo. 152Hand 
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D.U14K2500
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D.U14KS2500
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D. (Silverline)U12F3750
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D. (Silverline)U12FS3750
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4"U14FH 
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4"7060 Silverline 
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4"7085 Silverline 
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D.U12K3750
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D.U12KS3750
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D.U14FS2500
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D.U14F2500
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D.U13K5000
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4" H.D.U13KS5000
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4"6935 Silverline 
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4"6936 Silverline 
Thor Electric ToolsDrill1/4"7059 Silverline 
Thor Electric ToolsScrew DriverSize 12ED-17, 18, 41, 42, 46, 47, 48, 51, 522
Thor Electric ToolsScrew DriverSize 8-10EBL-10, 12, 13, 14, 40, 41, 42, 40, 51, 522
Thor Electric ToolsScrew DriverSize 12ED-11, 11U, 12, 12U, 13, 13U, 14U, 162
Thor Electric ToolsScrew Driver6724 (110V & 220V)U-17F2
Thor Electric ToolsScrew Driver6674 (110V)U-18FD2
Thor Electric ToolsScrew Driver6675 (220V)U-18FD2
Thor Electric ToolsScrew Driver6720 - 6721 7125U-18F2
Thor Electric ToolsScrew Driver# 14, ULPU-22FP, U-22F75, U-16F2
Thor Electric ToolsScrew DriverU-18F2
Thor Electric ToolsScrew DriverU-22F2
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