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Grade: GR-A-CL
#10 Clay Graphite Crucible - Bilge Shape
6.25" (15.875cm)
4.875" (12.383cm)
6.625" (16.828cm)
8.25" (20.955cm)
0.65" (1.651cm)
15.6lbs (7.076kg)
47.9lbs (21.727kg)

High quality clay graphite crucibles for all non-ferrous metal melting to 2750°F.

PREPARATION: Remove moisture from the crucible. Crucibles should be tempered before use. First heat an empty crucible up to about 500F and hold for 20 minutes. Then bring it to a red heat. Turn off the heat and allow the crucible to slowly cool down.

LOADING: Since materials will expand when heated, foundry men should load them into crucibles very loosely. Packing tightly may cause cracking.

HANDLING: All crucibles should be handled with properly fitting tongs or lifting tools. Improper tongs can damage a crucible or cause it to fall down and harm you if molten metal spills out.

CLEANING: Completely empty the crucible after use. Metal left inside can expand when re-heated and destroy the crucible.

For more technical data please refer to the product data sheet.
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