Moly Plus Aerosol

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Size 12 oz Can

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Versatile non-flammable molybdenum disulfide dry film coating for applications where electrical conductivity needs to be avoided. Especially useful in dusty, dirty conditions where greaseless, oil-free lubrication is required. Will not pick up dust or grit. Effective release and anti-weld coating. Break-in lubrication. Mild rust preventative coating. USES: Maintenance: Conveyor chains, chutes, fork lift masts, rail or elevator guides, expansion pegs, water meters, fire hydrant plugs, firearms, sliding mechanisms, etc. Metalworking: Casting surfaces, run-out tables, release coating for extrusion dies. Production: Precoating gaskets, packings, threads, bolts, cams, precision parts prior to assembly of component parts. Can be used on metal, wood and plastic. Ideal for lubricating hard-to-reach areas and parts.