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Powders and lubricants

Quality graphite powders and lubricants contained in aerosol cans for easy applications.
Graphite based lubricants for a variety of applications including bakery oven chain and railroad performance switch plate lubes.
High quality graphite based lubricating greases.

          Aerosol sprays
          Agricultural lubricants
          Automotive lubricants
          Fine powders
          Metallurgical and machinery greases
          Nano-graphite powders
          Oven chain lubricants
          Railroad lubricants
          SLIP Plate
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Nano-graphite Powders
SLIP Plate®
Aerosol sprays
Fine powders
Metallurgical and machinery greases
Graphite Plus Aerosol 12-oz$13.16 (12ozCan)
Graphite Tube-o-Lube$2.75 (0.21ozTube)
HyHeet GP Graphite Grease$18.50 (14.5ozCart)
Hot Oven Chain Lubricant, HyBake Supreme$267.84 (Gallon(4/pack))
Slide N Glide$183.44 (Gallon(4/pack))